Hymnscript -- The Art of Hymns

Christian hymns are the inspiration for the Hymnscript collection of contemporary art.

Digital artist Diana Coate Wolverton creates contemporary art that invites you to take a closer look at classic Christian hymn lyrics, generations-old words that remain bright and relevant today.


The art of Hymnscript interprets the rich, powerful lyrics and melodies of the traditional Christian hymns that have been sung by generations of voices before us.

It presents the truths of these verses in a new light so that we can better understand them, worship with them, and pass them to the hearts of future generations.

contemporary christian art that’s designed to WITNESS, MINISTER, ENCOURAGE, AND inspire

The art of Hymnscript sings with color, texture, and typography. It is a vivid, constant witness for your home and office—a visual devotional that can minister, encourage, and inspire.

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A framed example from The Hymnscript Collection of contemporary Christian art
An engaging synthesis
of color, texture,
and typography, Hymnscript presents the lyrics of traditional
Christian hymns in
a new light:
An expression of
sound as sight,
a transformation of
lyric and melody into
color and form.