Hymnscript -- The Art of Hymns

Caring for Your Framed Fine Art Print

A little tender-loving care of your Hymnscript framed print will help it witness to future generations.

Cleaning Your Framed Print

To clean your framed print, remove it from the wall and place it flat on a table or other stable horizontal surface.

Use a soft, lint-free cloth or a soft brush to clean your frame. Harsh chemicals like glass cleaner can damage Plexiglas and lacquer frames.

Clean glass by spraying cleaner onto a soft cloth and then wiping the glass. This helps prevent liquids from seeping into the frame and ruining your art.

Clean Plexiglas or other acrylic-type glazing with a special Plexiglas cleaner or with a mild detergent solution and soft cotton cloth. Glass cleaners that contain ammonia will cause acrylic glazing to turn yellow.

Before you rehang your artwork, inspect the dust cover for damage. Replace it if it damaged.

Have your framer open and inspect your fine artwork every few years. The print and materials can be gently cleaned and inspected for any hidden damage.

Transporting Artwork

When moving your art, make sure it will be protected from the elements and from damage.

Wrap your art in plastic to prevent water damage and use towels or blankets to cushion it. Protective frame corners can be used, or wrap the art completely inside cardboard and tape closed.

Unwrap your art pieces as soon as they have a new place to be displayed.

With care, your fine art print can last for posterity, and ensuing generations will appreciate the dedication to longevity.

"Amazing Grace" framed Christian hymn art in home office setting


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